About Us

E-Process & Investigations has been a provider of high quality, cost effective attorney support services since 2002. We are fully licensed and insured with all the requirements of the state. Our professional Investigators and in-house staff will provide you with a quick turnaround, constant communication, and accurate information. You can feel confident that your cases are being handled by a professional staff that takes pride in conducting each investigation with diligence and integrity. We are designed to handle a high volume of work. E-Process & Investigations will provide the support you need with our expertise, state-of- the-art technology and customer service.

E-Process & Investigations specializes in high-volume PROCESS SERVICE:

  • Foreclosure
  • Evictions
  • Collections
  • Court Ordered Documents
  • And much more!!


Our Commitment To You

To provide a cost-effective service with accuracy, honest results, reliability, speed and superb customer support. You are our number one priority.

We provide the services below and much more:

Property Inspections:

We have all the latest and most up to date equipment to satisfy your expectations. Included are digital photos, condition reports, camera equipment, and professional licensed inspectors.

Demand Letters:

We can deliver your demand letter and get a response from any individual to re-establish communication immediately.

Document Retrievals, Court Filings & Research:

Our staff at E-Process can provide and conduct accurate searches, fast document retrieval and same day Court filings at any legal facility needed.

Skip Tracing:

We have access to the most accurate technology available enabling us to locate anyone at anytime, anywhere, it being a missing person, a loved one, or even a long lost friend!

Video Surveillance:

We provide stake out service to document and record any individuals personal movement, personal contacts or any location they may come in to contact with in accordance with state law.

Mobile Notary:

We have the ability to notarize any legal document needed on the spot!

Additional Services:

We provide many other services associated with the field and volume discounts are available for large firms!! Call for a quote!